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FAQ / How to use Famility App

Last updated: March 1, 2021

Have some questions about Famility App?

We want to help!

We have gathered some information about Famility platform that we hope can be useful.

Tutors App

  • How to start using?

  • What are the main features?

  • If my children's School or Transport is not on the Famility platform, how should I proceed?

How to start using?

  1. Download the App Famility (App Store or Google Play),

  2. Register on the platform:

    1. Insert the requested data into the App,

    2. You can register as a Tutor (one of the Parents is recognized as the Guardian by the School / Carrier) and add your Children,

    3. Or you can register as an “Authorized” person and use the App to collect Children at School from other Guardians (who have previously authorized you on the App).

  3. Add your Children:

    1. Only the Tutor adds the Children and sends the respective requests for Adherence to the School / Transport,

    2. In the case of adhesions with Schools, the Tutor will be responsible for managing the Authorized people to collect their children,

    3. Fill in the Children's register using the full name and add photos of the face.

  4. Add School / Transport - Ask for Subscription of Your Children

    1. Entering the “Children” page, click on the Child to add School / Transport,

    2. Select from the list of active Schools / Transport to “Ask for subscription”.

  5. Wait for confirmation of “Subscription” from the School / Transport:

    1. When “Ask for subscription” the order status is “pending”,

    2. The School / Transport will confirm that the information from the Tutor and the Children matches the internal records,

    3. After verification, “Subscription” is confirmed and status changes to “active”,

    4. If irregularities are detected, the application may be “refused” and you should receive a message describing what will be necessary to review to submit a new application for subscription.

What are the main features?

After logging into the App, enter the "Home" page where you can find all your Children with active "subscriptions" to Schools and / or Transport.

The list of Children consists of:

  • Your Children,

  • Authorizations Received that you are authorized to collect Children at a given School (created by other Tutors).

1 - Children with Schools' Subscriptions:

Associated with each Child, you will find the buttons with the features “Pickup Alert” and “See Authorizations” (if you are a Tutor).

Pickup Alert

  1. When you are starting the way to pick up your children from school, activate the “Pickup Alert” by clicking on the respective button associated with the Child and the School,

  2. When you arrive, the notice will be automatically sent to the School and you will receive a notification.

    1. The notice is sent in a timely manner so that your child is ready when you should be arriving at the school,

  3. You can activate several “Pickup Alert” to collect several children,

  4. You can also collect other Children if you are “Authorized” by their Guardians.

If you do not use the Pickup Alert on the App, when you arrive at the School door your identification may be confirmed and you will be able to collect the Children.


Through the App the Tutor can manage the people who can pickup their children from the School, just enter the data of the person to be “Authorized”:

  1. Enter the “Children” page,

  2. Select the Child who wants to give Authorization to another person to collect it,

  3. Click on “Authorizations”,

  4. Click on “Add authorization”,

  5. Insert data of the person to be Authorized and photograph,

  6. Select the Schools that you want to allow the person to collect your Children from,

  7. Confirm it! And there is already one more “Authorized” person to collect your Child.

    1. Important: the management of “Authorized” people is only done by the Tutor. Whenever you want to change the status of this authorization, proceed as follows:

    2. Select the “Authorized” person,

    3. Click on the “edit” symbol and enter the person's detail,

    4. And make the changes you want.

"Authorized Persons" must register at Famility App to be able to use the "Pickup alert" feature.

2 - Children with Transport's subscriptions:

On the home page you can check the transport services scheduled for the next 24 hours with the information of:

  • Schedules,

  • Combined pick-up and drop-off locations for children.

Arrival notice

In order to optimize travel times and coordinate the collection and delivery of Children, Parents receive notifications informing the estimated time of arrival at the agreed place for the collection or delivery of the Child. This forecast is calculated considering real-time traffic.

Transport checkin and checkout notifications

For Parents to follow up their Children's trip, whenever they enter and leave the Transport they will be notified of the location and time of the start or end of the trip.

If my children's School or Transport is not on the Famility platform, how should I proceed?

If you cannot find the School and / or the Transport you would like to join to use the App Famility, enter the App, on the page with the list of Schools / Transport to request subscription and, at the end of the page, click on the button “Suggest new School / Transport company".

Our team will contact that School / Transport to join the Famility platform as well.

If you do not find the information you need here, please contact us by email

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