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The platform for children transport which helps urban mobility


Famility offers families an easy and safe way to transport children, connecting in one platform Parents, Schools, and specialized Transportation companies. 

It will reduce the family's time spent with kids transportations, the number of trips and cars in cities, reducing the traffic and making healthier cities.

Comparing with other trasportation options, Famility is the safer option and the one that most saves parents time.

How it works

With Schools

When parents drive the children to school...

Pick Up Warning

Activate the "Pick Up Warning" when you are on your way to school.


Near the school, the App automaticaly send an "Alert" to the school.


The school receive the "Alert", recognize the Parent ou Authorized Person and prepare your children to leave.

... or you Autorize other person to do it (including transports companies)


Link your children to the "Authorized persons" that will pick-up them up at school.


The School will receive the notification automatically, allowing the "Authorized person" to leave with the child.


You can always manage the "Authorized person by adding, deactivating ou deleting their information.

With Famility, Parents can go pick kids to school without parking.

And in case they can't go, it's easy to authorize other person to do it.​

Como funciona Escolas

How it Works

With Licensed children Transport Companies

When your children use buses from school or other companies 

Real Time Tracking

App Tutores notificacoes.jpg
  • See all your children routes during the trips. 

  • Be notified when it starts and when it ends.

  • Be notified the hour that your children will arrive at home.

Changing Transports

App Tutores transportadora.jpg
  • Always have your scheduled transports.

  • Always alert when you need a change in your transports, address, absence, etc.

  • transport On-demand, soon we will have this service for punctual orders.

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